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Women in Worldchefs

"The Women in Worldchefs initiative  strives to increase visibility of women chefs worldwide as well as supporting them in their efforts to advance their careers while balancing work and family. Women in Worldchefs also seeks to establish a national and international network whose purpose is to mentor, recruit, and retain female membership in Chefs associations. The idea of the Women in Worldchefs initiative consisting in encouraging women to be active within the framework of the Worldchefs: promote their careers, assistance at various stages  of their careers, especially in education and exchange of the experience, internships, job-search assistance, making joint efforts to integrate and establish contacts,  to realize common the international projects, endorse and assistance to the extent of their culinary events, competitions and other. We want to make the women feel a part of the Worldchefs, because the Association is not only for men!

Women in Worldchefs initiative was created by Susanne Metz at the 34th Worldchefs Congress in Dubai in 2008. From this year every month  the Chairman of the Women in Worldchefs Committee accept a new member of our initiative. Currently Women in Worldchefs initiative brings together about 40 women - chefs, pastry chefs and other women from the food industry. We are very proud of all them because  they have had considerable professional success  in their country or in the international area. Therefore, the main theme of our initiative in 2013 is "Women in Worldchefs = Women of Success" .

Dear Ladies, if you are minimum 26 years old and a member of the national chefs association, have a professional successes and rich professional experience, can be authority and mentor for other women in your country and want to be active as a member of the Women in Worldchefs Initiative please send your filled profile questionnaire and contact me  ( or other  members of the Women in WACS Committee. You can find us on the Facebook too.

 Joanna Ochniak Chairman of the Women in Worldchefs Committee