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Worldchefs national membership is open to one official culinary Association or Federation of a sovereign country. Individual members of this association atomatically become members of Worldchefs


Worldchefs members benefits include:


Participating in Worldchefs congresses and Continental Meetings,

Attending and participating in Worldchefs culinary competitions,

Receiving monthly electronic newsletters,

Posting association news on the website,

Attending Worldchefs Judge seminars,

Educational opportunities,

Networking between member chefs across the globe,

Cross cultural training opportunities,

Participation in Junior Chef activities and more.

Should you wish to become an active member of Worldchefs through your national association, please contact your association’s representative or the Worldchefs Continental Director of your area. To find out who is representing Worldchefs in your country please visit our member countries section.


Apply for National membership

If your country is not represented in Worldchefs and you represent an official culinary association in your country, your association is eligible for National membership. Apply for Corporate / Associate Membership Companies, culinary institutions and associations that wish to become members of Worldchefs are eligible for corporate or associate membership providing they have a recommendation from the official Worldchefs member association of their country.


Become A Supporter of the World Association of Chefs Societies

You can contribute to help our work for improving culinary standards and education worldwide. Learn more about Worldchefs supporter plaque and how you can give your support to Worldchefs, here.

For applications, please complete and return our Membership Application Form to For more information or to apply for membership, please contact us through the Contact Form.