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Iix russian carving championship

  • Start date : Saturday 20 April 2013
  • End date : Thursday 18 April 2013
  • Country : Russia
  • Category : National

Carving Academy,
sponsor and organizer of all Russian carving competitions presents:
Most challenging event in the world of cooking specialists that are keen on creative cooking!
Competitions in decorative carving of fruits and vegetables will be held in our country for the 8th time.
The first and second championships were held in Moscow and the third one � in St.-Petersburg. The fourth and fifth were organized in Sochi, the sixth � in Yekaterinburg and the seventh � in Kislovodsk.
This year, the next, VIII Open Russian Carving Championship is arranged within the frames of the exhibition â��Profitable Hospitalityâ�� in Krasnodar
2013 championship in Russia will short list the candidates to the picked team for competing in II European Carving Championship, held from October 1 to October 4, 2013 in Moscow, within the frames of â��PIR-2013â�� exhibition 
Attendees: the competition is open to everybody, without limitation of age, profession and citizenship.
The Russian championship is open and hence international participants are also invited, as well as international judges.
Awards: gold, silver, bronze medals, diplomas, cups, valuable prizes from the sponsor for participation in the Russian Championship.
Make own banquet composition of fresh vegetables and fruit, combining various types of products in one work. The subject of the composition: Legend about Dragon.
Variety of products is not limited. Compositions and products of ART CLASS are expected to demonstrate unique creativity in decorative design of a banquet. Contestants should strive to demonstrate a perfectly balanced combination of concept and contents, color pallet and artistic performance of all elements of the composition, accounting for serving conditions.
Details of competition rules are available on the Carving Academy site: