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Scottish Seafood Collaborative Group



Generations of fishermen have braved the cold clear seas to harvest shellfish, whitefish, mackerel and herring. In more recent years, Scottish farmers have used their knowledge and expertise to create the world’s third largest farmed salmon industry, as well as a flourishing aquaculture sector for mussels and oysters.  

Scotland is one of Europe’s largest seafood producers, with annual exports exceeding £650 million.  Sold to over 100 countries, our exclusive seafood is hand-picked by chefs around the world.

Scottish fisherman land a rich variety of seafood, fishing and farming more than 65 different species around the 12,000 km coastline.  This is the longest in Europe and features numerous jagged, sheltered inlets, which provide the perfect sheltered location for Scotland’s high quality shellfish and salmon farms.                                                                             

Scotland is a land of heritage and tradition where the west coast and islands still support a wealth of small fishing dependent communities, whilst the northeast towns of Peterhead and Fraserburgh have developed into major ports supporting the whitefish and pelagic industries.  Peterhead is home to the largest whitefish market in Europe.

Scottish salmon is farmed in the sea lochs of the picturesque Highlands and Islands and is recognised worldwide as a delicious, nutritious, high quality, premium food.   The pristine waters help to produce the characteristic taste of Scottish salmon, while strong tidal currents offer an abundance of exercise, producing the distinctive firm flesh.  

Fresh salmon has grown to become Scotland’s largest food export, reaching 64 countries around the globe.   With significant markets in the USA and France, Scottish farmed salmon was the first non-French food to hold the the French Government’s top quality award, Label Rouge, an honour held for over 20 years. Scottish farmed salmon’s provenance and quality, have earned its growing popularity in new markets in the Middle East and Far East.         

The Scottish seafood industry and supply chain is one of the most highly regulated in Europe, ensuring the safety and traceability of all seafood.  Many processing plants hold SALSA and BRC certifications, and our fishermen and fish farmers pioneer new technology and participate in innovative sustainable projects, to preserve fish stocks and the environment for future generations.

We think Scottish seafood is great, but don’t take it from us. Here is what some of our most prominent Scottish chefs say:

Andrew Fairlie, Executive Chef, Gleneagles (2 Michelin starred restaurant)

“We are a two-star Michelin restaurant with an international clientèle, so the food has to be fantastic, but the quality of Scottish seafood makes this task easier to achieve!”

Martin Wishart, Executive Chef, Cameron House, Loch Lomond (Michelin starred restaurant)

“We use Scottish seafood because it has the best flavour in the world. The cold waters of Scotland provide an extremely high quality, sweet flavour which is different from anywhere else in the world, and this is appreciated by all of our customers.”

Dominic Jack, Chef Patron, Castle Terrace, Edinburgh (Michelin starred restaurant)

“We are spoiled for choice with the vast array of fish and shellfish on offer from Scottish waters, and this allows us to respect seasonality and to serve seafood at its best. Our suppliers know it has to be wild, fresh and top quality, and they never fail to deliver!”

Partnership with World Chefs is one element of a project run by the Scottish Seafood Collaborative Group. The group comprises Seafood Scotland - a delivery partner for Seafish in Scotland, Scottish Development International (SDI), Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation (SSPO), Scottish Quality Salmon, the Scottish Pelagic Processors Association (SPPA), match-funded through the European Fisheries Fund.

The project aims to raise awareness of Scottish Seafood, educate buyers and maximise opportunities for Scottish seafood in emerging markets, focusing particularly on six key target cities: Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo and Singapore.

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