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As part of our continuing development and commitment to global culinary education and training we are pleased to announce the World Association of Chefs Societies Recognition of Quality Culinary Education Award. This program seeks to recognize companies, associations or institution's which offer culinary and pastry art programs of various design and size which meet or exceed quality culinary education standards which have been established by the WACS Education Committee. Recognized companies, associations and institutions share in the future development of WACS global standards as the list of recognized programs continues to expand around the world.


Basic Eligibility Requirements

The following eligibility criteria shall apply to The company, association or institution which offers one or more programs in culinary or pastry arts which is an official business as defined by its local government or professional society, and has a track record of progress and success in developing and delivering quality education can apply for WACS Recognition of Quality Culinary Education. The company, association or institution offering the programs must have been in existence for a minimum of five (5) years and is able to offer sufficient evidence in electronic format to support its application.

Get Your Culinary School or Programs Formally Recognized and Internationally Promoted by WACS

WACS Recognition of Quality Culinary Education is a landmark program that officially recognizes Quality Culinary Education by schools on an international level.


WACS Quality Culinary Education Standards

WACS Education Committee has determined that there are at least twelve "Standards of Quality Culinary Education" which must be evident in the mission, goals and objectives of the petitioning company, association or institution applying for WACS Recognition.


Application Procedure

Please contact in order to start receive the necessary information for your application.