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Required information, documents and forms:

  1. Completed application
  2. Payment of non-refundable administration fee (currently € 350)
  3. Culinary Director Profile Sheet (E-1).
  4. Names, education and experience of each lead faculty member. (Form E-2)
  5. Completed Program Detail Form (E-3)
  6. Evidence of structured learning which may include samples of current lesson plans, course delivery models and evaluation tools.
  7. Evidence that documents the state of the training and learning facilities. Digital photographs are acceptable.
  8. Evidence of commitment and support by company officers or administrators.
  9. Mission statement: goals and objectives reflecting a commitment to quality culinary education.
  10. Evidence to support the applicants overall commitment to healthy eating including sanitation, food safety, personal hygiene and nutrition (where appropriate).
  11. Evidence of learning resources. May include digital photographs of existing learning resource facilities and libraries or lists of books, periodicals and any other resource made available to participants in the programs.
  12. Evidence of industry support may come in the form of letters of support from the local chefs association, other local professional chefs, recent attendees (graduates), or copies of current operating certificates (governmental).
  13. Evidence of policies and procedures in relation to complaints and grievances which may be raised by students or stakeholders.
  14. Copy of applicant’s business license, certificate of operation or other official government notice giving them permission to operate as a training company, association school or institution.
  15. Sample of Certificates presented to students upon completion of the course or program.

Standards of Quality Culinary Education

Worldchefs Education Committee has formulated twelve (12) Standards of Culinary Education which each company, association or institution applying for Worldchefs recognition needs to fulfill, and provide evidence to support their application. All standards must be met or exceeded. Institutions which do not support all twelve standards should hold back their application until all twelve standards have been adequately met. (see Standards of Quality Culinary Education )

Acceptable languages: Initially all of the materials and applications will be available in English. Soon the application process will be available in Spanish, French and German: the four (4) official Worldchefs languages. It is the responsibility of the company, association or institution seeking Worldchefs recognition to have their forms and documents translated into one of the four Worldchefs languages at their own expense before submitting the application and paperwork to Worldchefs.

Application process: Interested persons representing the company, association or institution offering culinary or pastry arts education and wishes to apply for Worldchefs recognition shall complete an on-line application and submit all evidence to Worldchefs national office in Paris, France. A non-refundable administrative fee of € 350 must accompany the application.

Once the application is received and the fee processed all documents shall be forwarded to the appropriate person on the Worldchefs Recognition of Quality Culinary Education review panel for review and processing. The review process shall take no longer than thirty (30) working days after receiving the initial application and payment unless additional information is requested by the review panel member.

Once the application and documents have been reviewed the reviewer can recommend acceptance of the companies, associations or institution's application for Worldchefs recognition, seek additional information, or recommend denying the application based on the inadequacy of the company, association or institution to provide evidence in support of the twelve Standards of Quality Culinary Education.

If and when the Worldchefs reviewer is prepared to recommend a company, association or institution for the recognition and additional annual fee will be due. The applicant may pay the annual fee once a year or all at once for the full term of the recognition. (see current fee chart: Appendix A: subject to change)

Initial recognition and renewals

Initial recognition is extended for three (3) years once the application is approved and announcements have been made. Future recognition periods shall extend five (5) years from the date of renewal.

Annual reports

Worldchefs requires that each company, association or institution given recognition under the Worldchefs Recognition of Quality Education guidelines shall submit an annual report to the Worldchefs office within thirty (30) days of its anniversary. These reports shall include any and all updates the institution feels is appropriate for its continuation in the program. Such updates can include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Change in the company, association or institution’s legal entity
  2. Change in the company, association or institution ’s lead culinary administrators
  3. Current and forecasted enrollments
  4. Change in contact information

Failure to submit annual report in a timely manner will jeopardize the company, association or institution's continuation in the program and will be subject to removal from all official Worldchefs documents and web site.

Worldchefs Recognition of Quality Culinary Education Annual Fees

(Based on total number of students at the time of the application.)

0 - 100 students€ 500
101 - 250 students€ 1000
251 - 500 students€ 1500
501 +€ 2000


Note: Administration fees and annual fees are subject to change.