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Worldchefs Approved Schools

As part of our continuing development and commitment to global culinary education and training we are pleased to announce the World Association of Chefs Societies Recognition of Quality Culinary Education Award. This program seeks to recognize companies, associations or institution's which offer culinary and pastry art programs of various design and size which meet or exceed quality culinary education standards which have been established by the Worldchefs Education Committee. Recognized companies, associations and institutions share in the future development of Worldchefs global standards as the list of recognized programs continues to expand around the world.

Worldchefs Quality Culinary Education Standards

Worldchefs Education Committee has determined that there are at least twelve "Standards of Quality Culinary Education" which must be evident in the mission, goals and objectives of the petitioning company, association or institution applying for Worldchefs recognition.

For school registration, online application form will be available very soon

Approved Schools


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Number of schools founded : 35

Apicius International School of Hospitality



Andrea Trapani


Capsicum Culinary Studio

In 2013, Capsicum Culinary Studio will be in the Culinary Education and Training sector for a decade.


Cilantro Culinary Academy

Cilantro Culinary Academy established in 2006, with the objective to provide vocational training in Pastry and Culinary Arts.


Dublin Institute of Technology

Located in the heart of Ireland’s capital city, Dublin Institute of Technology provides an innovative, responsive and caring learning environment for a diver