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Paving the way for future progress

As a recently elected Continental Director for Europe South, Domenico Maggi was pleased to visit Serbia and as a Head Judge take part in the culinary competition "Balkan Culinary Cup", regulated by Worldchefs rules and held in Belgrade on 17-19 October 2014.

The overall event named “...


Slovakia Celebrates International Chefs Day 2014

The Slovakian association spent a day with children and shared their knowledge of how food waste can be reduced.


Croatia Celebrates International Chefs Day 2014

On the International Chefs’ Day, members of the Croatian Culinary Federation and Podravka culinary promoter, visited the Nursing Home in Novigrad and Elementary School of Mary and Lina in Umag, where they were welcomed by pupils and children from kindergarten in Brtonigla. On behalf of the...


Worldchefs Without Borders Celebrates International Chefs Day 2014

In collaboration with Food Bank Worldchefs Without Borders has organised some amazing things for International Chefs Day 2014:

Food Bank is a non-profit organisation & is a place where companies or people can come to deposit / donate their unused or unwanted foods which will then be...


Singapore Celebrates International Chefs Day 2014

On the 20th of October 2014 our SATS team organized a luncheon for 150 people in conjunction with the National Kidney Foundation, these people are all on the Dialysis machines, we created a menu with the support of our dietician and also the dietician from the Kidney Foundation, the chefs...


Macau Celebrates International Chefs Day - Rick Stephen's addresses the celebration

Like to share with you what colleagues in Macau have done today for International Chefs Day..
Monday 20th Oct is International Chefs Day and Perry has a very good suggestion to feed lunch to local handicapped kids at their school please help support and get behind...


Vanuatu Chefs Celebrate International Chefs Day 2014

Vanuatu Chefs & Food Handlers Association found a perfect way to kick-start its annual Salon Culinaire and honors the International Chefs Day 2014 at the same time.

With a help of Adam Khazaal, Australia's Young Chefs Club President, VCFH Association was ...


"Pass it on" in Myanmar, - International World Chefs Day October 2014

International World Chefs Day - Myanmar October 2014,- was a great opportunity to call all together senior and junior chefs, chefs and pastry alliance of Myanmar,- celebrate a day and pass it on. The Young Chefs of Myanmar ( Y-MCA ) lead through the program of the evening which...


Pass it on - Myanmar World Chefs Day 2014 - Yangon Fried. Dick Professional Knifes & Myanmar Young Chefs

International World Chefs Day - Myanmar 20.10.2014 supported by Fried. Dick Professional Chef Knifes from Germany. Young Chef & one of the 4 Myanmar TV Chefs - Kyaw Kyaw was awarded with a full set of Professional Knifes from Friedrich Dick GmbH & Co. KG for his...


International Chefs Day 2014: Pass it On video ft. Worldchefs Board members

Anticipating World Food Day and International Chefs Day 2014, Worldchefs Board members created a very special video, underlining the importance of education and most of all - the exchange of different skills, knowledge and professional experience as the key elements for futher growth of the...