Chef2Chef brings chefs together at Electrolux’s Innovation Centers and provide world-class seminars, themed workshops and demonstrations, and offer the opportunity to work with the latest cooking technology and gain valuable skills and advice from experienced Professional chefs willing to share their international experience and passion for the continual discovery of contemporary developments in the culinary arts.

This initiative is about educating chefs to recognize the importance of incorporating sustainable practices in their kitchens while at the same time encouraging and maintaining high standards in the preparation and service of quality food. This is both an innovative and and creative way in meeting the needs and expectations of customers and clientele.

These seminars are being developed with a specific purpose and focus on using the latest technology of Cook & Chill system as the key solution to developing a complete and Sustainable Cooking approach for chefs.

"There will be 4 annual events featuring specific themes these will be hosted and presented at each region’s Innovation Center. The regions we are currently organizing seminars in are Turkey, United Arab Emirates, USA, Sweden, India, England and Singapore.

  • Themes
  • 1. Cook Chill system
  • 2. Food Cost Control
  • 3. From Nose to Tail to the Plate (Sous vide cooking)

This partnership has launch a number of dedicated exciting activities which will unite the beauty of the culinary arts with the breakthroughs in culinary technology, more specifically, the “Art & Science Come Together” program will combine the culinary creativity and talent of the Worldchefs chefs with the knowledge, technology and specialized experience of the solutions offered by Electrolux Professional."

November 17, 2014

Get ready for Chef2Chef workshop in Dubai

Worldchefs and Electrolux Professional are pleased to invite you to another Chef2Chef workshop in Dubai, happening on December 6 at&...


October 26, 2014

Brush up your skills nose to tail

Final call Chefs to secure your place at the upcoming #Chef2Chef seminar in the UK, and get an exquisite ...


October 6, 2014

Invitation to another Chef2Chef seminar in the UK

Powered by Worldchefs and Electrolux Professional, another exciting Chef2Chef seminar is happening this November in the ...


September 11, 2014

Global Chefs Challenge World Finals 2014 Flashback

The Worldchefs Congress 2014 in Stavanger, Norway, ended on a resounding note on 5 July 2014 after three days of pulsating culinary action ...


August 28, 2014

Invitation to SOUS VIDE Techniques Level 2 training in New York

Electrolux Professional and Worldchefs are pleased to invite you to the second Chef2Chef training seminar as a part of ...


August 22, 2014

Cook&Chill and Bread Making Workshop in Dubai

After a big success back in May, Worldchefs and Electrolux Professional are delighted to invite you to another Chef2Shef ...


August 7, 2014

Invitation to another Chef2Chef seminar in the UK

Electrolux Professional and Worldchefs are pleased to invite you to the second Chef2Chef training seminar as a part of ...


May 29, 2014

Electrolux мастер-класс Cook&Chill в Москвe

Всемирная Ассоциация Сообществ Поваров (Worldchefs) и Ассоциацией Кулинаров России, совместно с Electrolux Professional представляють мастер-класс Cook&Chill. Вы будете иметь возможность узнать о технологии Cook&Chill в теории и на практике, технологии Sous Vide, а также об инновационных решений oт Electrolux-a как Air-o-steam и Air-o-chill. Kогда и где? 3 июня 2014г, в 12:00 Oфициальное представительство Electrolux Professional Волгоградский проспект, д 42 ...


May 29, 2014

Art&Science Come Together features another Chef2Chef seminar, this time in Moscow

After successfully sealing a milestone partnership “Art&Science Come Together”, and launching a series of “Chef2...


May 17, 2014

The latest Cook&Chill seminar in Dubai

  Upon the last week’s announcement, on May 17 the first in a series of workshops on Cook&...


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