The Chefs Matter partnership program recognizes industry leaders in the field of hospitality, who understand the critical role chefs play in all of our lives, and believe deeply in the importance of continuing to raise professional culinary standards across the globe through the Worldchefs Global Culinary Certification, the first of its kind in the world.

Chefs Matters partners have committed to raise culinary standards and support chefs towards new and better opportunities– skill validation, knowledge, mobility, recognition – through their support of the Worldchefs Certification program.


Linkers is a HR Hospitality Recruitment Consultancy of reference in Spain. It works with the most innovative tools in talent detection, it is the official consultant of the Spanish Federation of hospitality and it directs HR courses at the Ferran Adrià Chair in Madrid.

Here is what their CEO, Marianela Olivares, had to say about the value of a Worldchefs Certification.

"The ideal candidate is one who has the required qualifications and personal skills suitable for the position. You can be a person with great skills but if there is a candidate with these skills in the market plus a specific qualification, they will have a better chance of being chosen. When we speak about qualifications we speak of those that bring prestige and credibility, and for that they have to be granted by prestigious institutions, otherwise it will be irrelevant in your professional profile. An example is the Worldchefs Global Culinary certification, which provides international credibility and global recognition, so in this way you can show that you have the knowledge for this position. As a HR Recruitment Consultancy, we value the standardization of qualifications to support the recruitment process."

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Marianela Olivares, CEO of Linkers, is a renowned specialist in the selection of people and manage team of high performance in hospitality.

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