All Japan Chefs Association (AJCA) was established in 1959 as a Public-Service Corporation authorized by Japanese Government. At present AJCA is an association of a membership of about 10,000, who are western cuisine chefs. We have close friendships widely with Japanese cuisine chefs association, Chinese cuisine chefs association, Pastry chefs association and Bartenders association in Japan. Our activities are volunteer work for welfare institutions, teaching good eating habit for children at kinder gardens and at schools, holding cooking competition and culinary seminar for young chefs and so on.

Address: 3-6-22 J.C.building 501, Shibakoen Minato-ku,Tokyo 105-0011, Japan
Website: http://www.ajca.jp

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Saly Weil 1968 - Geneva
Bunjiro Saito 1972 - Frankfurt
Shiro Deguchi 2000 - Maastricht
Shuichi Nishimura 2002 - Kyoto
Toshi Utsunomiya 2012 - Daejeon
Shojiro Urabe 2016 - Thessaloniki
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