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Posted the 27 April, 2017

2017 Annual General Meeting of the Taiwan Chefs Association The Annual General Meeting of the Taiwan Chefs Association (TAC) took place on 27 May 2017 as to elect our new president and its committee members. With the attendance of over 100 chef members from geographical Taiwan; President Jerry Chen took account of his last day of service and greatly thanked his committee and members for their previous effort, support and dedication towards greater unity, global positioning, community services, culinary education, social awareness, culinary competency and the promotion and upholding of culinary standards. With the presiding of orders in receiving and approving budgets, by-laws and reports; members praised a vote of laureate for his serving as President of 8 years (2010 to 2012 under the Taiwan Formosa Cooking Food Association and 2012 to 2017 under the Taiwan Chefs Association) which has seen impeccable transformations as President Jerry Chen was involved by heart and strong believe to strive for WACS Membership Recognition which was presented in 2010. With great effort and many dialogues lasting 11 month; and with the help of Continental Director Rick Stephens; the inauguration of becoming WACS member status becomes the long awaited reality during the 2012 35th World Congress in Daejeon, South Korea. Several votes with appreciation of leadership achievements were also highlighted from members as to his vision and participating in going global and promoting the skills of artistic culinary arts, promoting Taiwan’s cuisine and culinary excellent in either individual or team driven events which was acclaimed with many recognition in culinary competitions and presentations regional and international. With the time of voting the new president and its committee, Chef Alen Chien has been overwhelmingly elected as the 6th President. His longstanding position as Vice President in the association; promoting mentorship, education and social harmony has received the trust of fellow honorary presidents, committee members and members alike as to continue the well-being of the association. President Alen Chien has bestowed Chef Jerry Chan as Honorary President and Honorary Association Member whiles Chef Tony Chen, Secretary Ben Chen and Chef Hung Wen Fa have been appointed Honorary Member for their respective contribution towards the association. A dinner reception attended by over 180 members and guest concluded the memorable event, which was filled with several performances, speeches, good food and camaraderie. Sincere appreciation and thanks to all attending members, friends and supporters for supporting the Annual General Meeting and Dinner and to the support of the new president and his elected committee.

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