Turkey judging seminar

Start Date : February 16, 2011

End Date : February 17, 2011

Type : Judging Seminars

Country : Turkey

Cost for the seminar and lunch is EURO 225.
Payment must be settled in advance by credit card or bank transfer. (see application form for details).
Dress code is chefs uniform.
Participants have to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements.
Participants of the seminar will be attached to the judging groupe at the competition on the second day for practical exercise. This gives them the opportunity to learn and experience the actual judging on a food competition.Please note there is a limited number of participants. So, please register early.
Seminar Facilitator : 
Culinary Competition Committee Chairman Chef Robert Oppeneder, and 
Chef Instructor Gerts Klotze

Ali Demircan

Tüm Aşçılar Federasyonu

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Telefon: 0(212)272 46 40 – 41 Fax:0(212)272 66 16

www.tumaf.org.tr  ali@tumaf.org.tr

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