Ika culinary olympics

Start Date : October 5, 2012

End Date : October 10, 2012

Type :

Country : Germany

The International Culinary Exhibition, well-known to the most female and male chefs as IKA or "Culinary Olympics", was carried out for the first time in Frankfurt on the Main in the year 1900 by the former Director of the German Chefs at that time, Carl Matthaus Banzer. Every four years the biggest and most traditional culinary exhibition takes place. It has become the Mecca for cooks and patissiers worldwide. This professional competition will be entered by 45 nations from all over the world, which will compete for the olympic victory in Erfurt 2012. The German Chefs Association (VKD) and the Messe Erfurt GmbH would like to welcome the participants warmly to Erfurt.

Competition Time Tables National Culinary Teams-COLD
IKA/CulinaryOlympics 2012

 SATURDAY,06.10SUNDAY, 07.10.MONDAY, 08.10.TUESDAY, 09.10. 1 Denmark Switzerland Canada Norway 2 Australia Sweden Germany USA 3 Finland Scotland Turkey Slovenia 4 England Luxembourg Hungary South Africa 5 Japan The Netherlands Croatia Malaysia 6 Poland Iceland Slovakia Mexico 7 South Korea Portugal Romania Hong Kong 8 Bulgaria Malta Wales Cyprus 9 Ireland Italy Czech Republic Israel

GV Award IKA/Culinary Olympics 2012

 SATURDAY,06.10SUNDAY, 07.10.MONDAY, 08.10.TUESDAY, 09.10. 1 Biochef,Hungary PIVA Culinary Team,Belgium   Fazer Culinary Team, Sweden 2 Compass Culinary Team,Switzerland Zivilschutz Luxemburg, Luxembourg Swedish School Restaurants, Sweden AGo-Team, Kuratorium Wiener Pensionisten Wohnhauser,Austria 3 SVG Thropy, Switzerland L&D Team Berlin-Brandenburg, Germany Partyservice Gentscher, Germany THW Trossingen, Germany 4 Team Sabis, Sweden IA Morisson, USA Klinikum Lowenstein, Germany SV Group SCOR Zurich, Switzerland

National Culinary Teams - HOT IKA/Culinary Olympics 2012

 SATURDAY,06.10SUNDAY, 07.10.MONDAY, 08.10.TUESDAY, 09.10. 1 Canada Norway Denmark Switzerland 2 Germany USA Australia Sweden 3 Turkey Slovenia Finland Scotland 4 Hungary South AFrica England Luxembourg 5 Croatia Malaysia Japan The Netherlands 6 Slovakia Mexico Poland Iceland 7 Romania Hong kong South Korea Portugal 8 Wales Cyprus Bulgaria Malta 9 Czech Republic Israel Ireland Italy

Junior National Culinary Teams - COLD IKA/Culinary Olympics 2012

 SATURDAY,06.10SUNDAY, 07.10.MONDAY, 08.10.TUESDAY, 09.10. 1 Switzerland Denmark Australia Sweden 2 Canada Czech Republic Germany USA 3 Norway South Africa Poland Austria 4 Portugal The Netherlands Romania Ireland 5 Croatia England Republic of Belarus Thailand 6 Slovenia Mexico Wales Italy 7 Guatemala Singapur India Turkey

Junior National Culinary Teams - HOT IKA/Culinary Olympics 2012

 SATURDAY,06.10SUNDAY, 07.10.MONDAY, 08.10.TUESDAY, 09.10. 1 Australia Sweeden Switzerland Denmark 2 Germany USA Canada Czech Republic 3 Poland Austria Norway South Africa 4 Romania Ireland Portugal The Netherlands 5 Republic of Belarus Thailand Croatia England 6 Wales Italy Slovenia Mexico 7 India Turkey Guatemala Singapur

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