Fruit & Vegetable Carving Competition Seminar: Stuttgart

Start Date : February 14, 2020

End Date : February 14, 2020

Type : Competition Seminars

Country : Germany

Fruit & Vegetable Carving Competition Seminar: Stuttgart

Kick off IKA/Culinary Olympics with a Worldchefs Competition Seminar!

Competition Seminar instructors share techniques from both the perspective of Worldchefs Certified Judges and award winning competitors. Participants gain understanding of not only judging criteria, but also best practices in the competition kitchen and tactics from teams that consistently reach the highest place at the podium.

Current judges: All Worldchefs Certified Judges are required to attend a Competition Seminar every five years. 

Future judges: Attending a Fruit & Vegetable Carving Competition Seminar is a mandatory part of the process to become a Worldchefs Certified Judge in Carving. Participants are awarded a certificate of participation that can be submitted as one of the required credentials in an application. To learn more about the process and for a complete list of requirements, download the Worldchefs Certified Judge application form here.

Changes in Carving Competition

Over the past years F/V carving became more popular in competitions. Carvers from all over the world started joining Worldchefs held competitions and brought new styles of F/V carving.

Standards and creativity amongst carvers are constantly developing and due to this fact, Worldchefs has decided to withdraw F/V carving from category D1, and give F/V carvers their own categories, labeled "K".

In the past all F/V carvings were joined together as a part of category D1, but there is also a big difference in styles and working methods for F/V carving showpieces.

Worldchefs has reacted to this challenge and formed 2 categories for F/V carving showpieces to satisfy carvers in all aspects. It also intends to push live performances in competitions and created therefore 2 categories as well. Live individulal F/V carving K3, and Live team F/V carving K4.

New Carving Categories: More Opportunities for F/V Carvers

K1 – showpieces without structure

K2 – showpieces with structure (ex. taro carvings)

K3 – Individual Live carving

K4 – Team Live carving

Objectives of the Jury: Certified Judges must attend a Competition Seminar

Categories "K" shall in future be judged only by F/V carving experts to ensure that all members of a jury have the necessary knowledge of F/V carving. This training seminar shall be a guidance to future F/V judges, and is therefore mandatory to become a F/V judge.

This one-day seminar is divided in some major parts:

-        Generalities and etiquette for Worldchefs judges

-        Tenders from organizers; including generalities for F/V carving categories

-        The new different categories with all the specifications of each category.

-        Old styles, new styles etc.

-        Various aspects on how to judge a piece (techniques used, presentation, degree of difficulty etc.)

-         A guidance for points deductions for certain shortcomings (mistakes) in the carving piece.

-        Judging exercises

The training material is backed up by photos for all aspects.

Eligibility to Join F/V Carving Competition Seminars

F/V carvers may join the training seminar, either due to an interest to become a future F/V judge, or by own interest to gain the knowledge of being juried.

Advantages for Future F/V Carving Competitions

Worldchefs educated F/V judges will ensure the right knowledge in the art of F/V carving, and ensure a fair judging for all competitors.

F/V carvers, even those not interested in becoming a F/V judge, will profit from joining this seminar to gain knowledge in the field of what criteria is used to judge F/V carvings, and in what directing carving is going in the future.

Meet your Seminar instructor

Alex & Angkana Neumayer,

Alex & Angkana formed in cooperation with Gilles Renusson and some other valuable carving experts the training program.

Angkana is an expert in Thai –style carving, having won gold medals in Culinary World Cup and IKA in 2002, 2004, 2008, 2010.

Alex`s expertise reach into figurative carving, carving of 3D objects. He was awarded gold medals for F/V carving, chocolate carving, and butter sculptures in 2002, 2004, 2010, 2012, 2014.

*This seminar will be taught by Alex and/or Angkana Neumayer.

Learn more about becoming a Worldchefs Certified Judge

Attending a Competition Seminar is one of the required credentials in a Certified Judge application. Keep in mind, all Certified Judges are required to attend a Competition Seminar every five years. These intensive workshops provide key information about current trends, competition rules and judging criteria, to help chefs keep up-to-date and at their best!

Attending applicable Competition Seminars is one part of the process to become a judge, and does not automatically qualify you as a Certified Judge. Applicants must fulfil additional criteria and provide evidence of support in a formal application process. To learn more about the full approval process, visit:

Seminar Cost: 300€

For more information, contact Linh To, Project & Event Coordinator,

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