Gastronomy Origins: Microgreens Travel Stories ft. Marcel Thiele

Start Date : June 7, 2021

End Date : June 7, 2021

Type : Worldchefs Events

Country : Netherlands

Gastronomy Origins: Microgreens Travel Stories ft. Marcel Thiele

Horticulture, agriculture, microgreens and sprouts are becoming more important in this ever-changing, evolving world. Join Marcel Thiele to explore a global landscape where gastronomy meets horticulture. Discover the art of nature with stories from Koppert Cress’ epic quest for the right combination of flavours. 

What can chefs do with this kind of knowledge? Find out how to transfer old recipes into the new age, how to adapt Mother Earth Principles to your hotel kitchen, catering, and restaurants, and help change perspectives in the chefs’ world to work with plant-based ingredients.

A digital badge and certificate will be awarded to all participants.

Attend this session and you’ll enter to win a free Cressperience box and an invitation to a private masterclass with Marcel. Selected participants will be drawn and contacted after the session. 

Practical Information

  • WhereZoom and Facebook Live
  • When: 7 June 2021
  • Time: 2:00PM – 3:00PM CET (Paris)
  • What we’ll cover:
    • the history of microgreens and cresses;
    • the cultivation of these living ingredients;
    • the health and culinary benefits of plant forward ingredients;
    • brief introduction to cooking technique, food pairing and innovative application of microgreens;
    • brief introduction on how to push your own food boundaries and be open to new flavours and textures.

Marcel Thiele

Spicehunter® and Culinary Business Development Manager & High End Gastronomy Expert at Koppert Cress B.V.

Marcel Thiele, recognized Master Chef, pastry chef and Spicehunter®, works for Koppert Cress B.V. as a top gastronome, expert on international stages and opens new horizons in the progressive development of culinary art. 

Marcel discovered the world for the first time when he was with the navy. When others were just resting and having fun in the harbour, he was looking for culinary answers, visiting farmers, plantations. He also bought traditional produce and cooked with natives deep in the jungle. Later, he developed his culinary strength in a variety of hotels and restaurants across Europe, Madagascar, Senegal and Panama. As a Certified Master Chef and Chef Pâtissier, he started to share his knowledge, to inspire the chefs with skills and all the truth behind. 

Whether during training sessions, on stages or during a social gathering with fellow friends, he knows how to captivate his audience with experiences from his travels through more than 82 countries and is able to combine things in inspirational simplicity. Meanwhile, he is the culinary patron of the Maldives and the Russian state catering.

Follow Marcel on Instagram.

Koppert Cress B.V.

Let’s change the way we look at fresh and healthy food.

A visionary company that provides access to overwhelming natural products, Koppert Cress is always on the lookout for natural, innovative ingredients which chefs can use to intensify the flavour, aroma, or presentation of their dishes; products that meet the increasingly stringent requirements of restaurants worldwide. Cresses are freshly-sprouted seedlings from 100% natural aromatic plants. They offer a freshness and intensity of taste and aroma that is only found in young seedlings.

The educational sector has been at the heart of the company since its creation. It has helped deliver training and knowledge of the products to chefs far and wide – enabling them to then go on and use the living ingredients in all aspects of the hospitality and food service industry.

Here at Koppert Cress, we have identified a gap in the current educational programme, both nationally and internationally. Our aim is to deliver an educational training programme to teach the next generation of chefs how to be open to new experiences and flavours; how to go about tasting and describing food; how to pair foods together; and how to appreciate and understand food from around the world.

Our mission is to open the minds, souls and taste buds of this next generation of chefs through a series of challenges educating them about their own senses.

Learn more about Koppert Cress and explore their products at

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