It all started in 1875 with the opening in Cahors of a workshop which rapidly became the Mecca of all the galloping gourmets of the region. On the strength of its increasingly wide reputation, the firm led by Léonce Rougié and subsequently by his son, Jean Rougié, gained a truly international stature in the 1950’s. By constantly perfecting its working methods and receipts, the brand has become the genuine emblem of French taste. Its foie gras and truffles are appreciated on all the most prestigious tables around the world. Rougié is today to be found in all the grand hotels, leading restaurants, luxury shop and airlines of 120 countries on all 5 continents. Rougié, established in Sarlat, the architectural gem of Black Périgord, has set its future in the development of top-quality products. The affiliations to Euralis Gastronomie (Euralis group) since 2010 assure to the brand the total control from the egg to the finished product. Recently involved in foie gras, the Euralis Group has become in less than 10 years the market leader for foie gras and duck and goose meat. This rapid development transpired in 2 stages: entry on the market in 1995 with the acquisition of Grimaud-Montfort (GMD), followed by a partnership agreement with Rougié-Bizac-International (RBI) in 2002. In 2005, the merger of GMD and RBI resulted in the founding of Euralis Gastronomie.

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