December 5, 2018

EXPOGAST 2018 : An exceptional edition at all levels



An exceptional edition at all levels. EXPOGAST 2018 and its Villeroy & Boch Culinary World Cup, closed on Thursday 29 November in the presence of His Royal Highness Grand Duke Henri.

 "Five days ago, we were all very enthusiastic and hopeful. We asked ourselves the same question: will our efforts be rewarded by our first judge, the public? We can all be proud, partners, competitors, volunteers, students, jury, sponsors... our efforts generated 45,000 visits. The score is tried, in the eyes of the public and the world of gastronomy this edition is a real success! Thank you to the public and congratulations to all. See you in four years' time," says Morgan Gromy, Managing Director of Luxexpo The Box. 

 For five days, EXPOGAST brought together the world of gastronomy in order to honour the culinary art. An enthusiastic audience gathered at Luxexpo The Box to admire real works of art created by chefs from all over the world, to taste the creations of the national teams, the junior teams and the "Community Catering" teams, and to meet all the partners of EXPOGAST and the Villeroy & Boch Culinary World Cup. 

 The Villeroy & Boch Culinary World Cup is one of the largest and most important culinary competitions in the world. The first edition was published in 1972. Aloyse Jacoby, President of the Jury, congratulates all the participants on the progress of this outstanding event, which requires a total dedication on the part of the members of the Vatel Club, organizer of the competition, the many volunteers and the students of the École d'Hôtellerie et de Tourisme du Luxembourg. "I congratulate the great professionalism of the cooks who took part in the competitions, their level of mastery and execution increases year after year, a guarantee of the importance given by the profession to our competition" adds Mr Jacoby. 

 The closing ceremony ended with the presentation of the Villeroy and Boch Culinary World Cup to the best national team: Sweden. The award was jointly presented by His Royal Highness Grand Duke Henri and Michel von Boch, President of the Villeroy & Boch Family Council. 

Every four years, EXPOGAST brings together the most talented chefs from the five continents in Luxembourg. EXPOGAST is both a professional and public exhibition dedicated to the professions of gastronomy and tableware. 

 The organisers would like to thank the sponsors and "GOLD" partners, without whom nothing would be possible: La Provençale, the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, the Fédération Nationale des Hôteliers Restaurateurs et Cafetiers, the École d'Hôtellerie et de Tourisme du Luxembourg, Vins et Crémants Luxembourg, Maison Josy Juckem, Partyrent, Codex, AMT Die Beste Pfanne, Boissons Heintz, Paul Eischen Restaurant-Traiteur. They also thank the "Silver" sponsors and all the exhibitors for the quality and professionalism of their presentation. 

FINAL RESULTS (overview) 


Total points (Cold Buffet Pastry & Culinary Art, Hot Kitchen) 

4 GOLD Medals, 10 SILVER Medals, 10 BRONZE Medals, 3 DIPLOMAS 

1. Sweden                                  94,608 points (93,25; 93,56; 95,75) 

2. Singapore                               93,739 points (95,50; 95,84; 91,74) 

3. Norway                                   91,853 points (80,87; 94,92; 93,00) 

4. Switzerland                             90,434 points (92,12, 90,23, 90,07) 


Total points (Contemporary Buffet and Hot Kitchen 

5 GOLD Medals, 7 SILVER Medals, 3 BRONZE Medals 

1. Austria                                     95,075 points (95,75; 94,40) 

2. Switzerland                              93,845 points  (92,56; 95,13) 

3. Norway                                     93,785 points (94,37; 93,20) 

4. Sweden                                    93,485 points (92,37; 94,60) 

5. Denmark                                  91,900 points  (91,00; 92,80) 


4 GOLD Medals, 6 SILVER Medals, 4 BRONZE Medals, 1 DIPLOMA 

1. Fazer Culinary Team Sweden                                                 94,830 points 

2. Fazer Culinary Team Finland                                                  94,540 points 

3. Catering Team of Denmark                                                     91,510 points 

4. Swiss National Catering Team Luzerner Kantonsspital          91,490 points 


Total points (Pastry Art, Culinary Art) 

3 GOLD Medals, 15 SILVER Medals, 14 BRONZE Medals, 4 DIPLOMAS 

1. Stockholm Culinary Team                                     92,321 points (90,62; 93,05) 

2. Cercle des chefs cuisine Lucerne                         92,165 points (86,25; 94,70) 

3. Combined Services Culinary Arts Team UK         90,515 points (87,75; 91,70) 


3 GOLD Medals 

1. Switzerland                 95,250 points 

2. Hong Kong                  94,000 points 

3. Cyprus                         90,750 points 


17 GOLD Medals, 16 SILVER Medals, 20 BRONZE Medals, 15 DIPLOMAS 

1. Quan Hong Hong (Taiwan)         98,250 points 

2. Ming Tsun Ke (Taiwan)               97,250 points

3. Dominique Menager (France)     97,000 points 


2 GOLD Medals, 9 SILVER Medals, 3 BRONZE Medals 

1. Vojtech Petržela (Czech Republic)                     93,875 points 

2. Jose Carlos Perez Lecona (Mexico)                  90,000 points 

3. Somlux Ouklai (Germany)                                  89,375 points 


5 GOLD Medals, 26 SILVER Medals, 54 BRONZE Medals, 23 DIPLOMAS 

1. Jaeho Seo (South Korea)                                91,870 points 

2. Marvin Herrera (USA )                                     90,650 points 

3. Jong On Baek (South Korea)                           90,500 points 


56 GOLD Medals, 29 SILVER Medals, 15 BRONZE Medals, 6 DIPLOMAS 

1. Sunith Wijedasa (United Arab Emirates)                95,750 points 

2. Marco Zugliano (Italy)                                                           95,500 points 

3. Rohitha Kasthuriarachchi (U.A. Emirates)              95,000 points 


6 GOLD Medals, 9 SILVER Medals, 10 BRONZE Medals, 4 DIPLOMAS 

1. Achira Kularathne (United Arab Emirates)         94,000 points 

2. Eranda Sampath (United Arab Emirates)           92,500 points 

3. Benjamin Sellemond (Italy)                                91,880 points 


4 GOLD WITH DISTINCTION (an exceptional result) 

64 GOLD Medals, 63 SILVER Medals, 49 BRONZE Medals, 34 DIPLOMAS 

1. Angelica Chwyc (Poland)                                 100,000 points 

2. Metin Tasci (Turkey)                                         100,000 points 

3. Rohitha Kasthuriarachchi (U.A. Emirates)        100,000 points 

4. Nalin Jagoda (United Arab Emirates)               100,000 points 

You can download the results here: 

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