October 21, 2015

International Chefs Day 2015 - Taiwan Young Chef Club

What an honor to be with children and our Taiwan Young Chefs Club Members as we celebrated and supported 2015 International Chefs Day "Healthy Kids/Healthy Future" on October 17, 2015.

In conjunction with the Worldchefs given theme, chef students from the Shofu University and Hungkuang University gathered at the Christian Jabez Church Taichung as to celebrate the event with less fortunate children from poor families.

Awareness on healthy food intakes, their affections in a child's growing stage and health benefits where discussed and evaluated by learning with our five senses as our students mentored families and their siblings.

Food samplings of simple intakes such as "French (whole wheat) Toast with Banana" "Italian Pana Cota with Raspberries" and a "Fruit Muesli" where demonstrated and supported towards 30 children whom have shown great awareness in the step-by step introduction.

Health benefits as to reduce daily intakes of fat, salt and sugar, which are quite common for a daily intake, can be found in basic fresh products of great amount.

Eating cycle habits where explored as to divide main meals to smaller amounts with five intakes.

Food intakes with regular exercise activities were also recommended as to reduce obese, diabetes and common overweight. Food selection in regards to its nature, vitamins and freshness where compared to pre-packed and ready-to-eat food available on our local market. Our young chefs learned that the Church will make use of funding’s from collected recycled waste which will support the operation of the church. We had much fun as illustrated in the pictures as we could be part for few hours of our live and be kids too. Overall we were fortunate to support our local community and our future generations.


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