October 2, 2020

Koppert Cress Welcomes Aikiba Leaves

Aikiba® Leaves are known as ‘lady fingers’, ‘jungle spinach’ or ‘ochro’ and have a light sweet-sour taste. Aikiba Leaves are known as ‘lady fingers’, ‘jungle spinach’ or ‘ochro’ and have a light sweet-sour taste.

aikiba leaves

Aikiba Leaves

When used raw it is a visually attractive ingredient with a gel-like, aqueous and mushy mouth-feeling. Because the Aikiba Leaves has the visual attractive properties it can be used perfectly in combination with cocktails, tempura creations, creations with an exotic touch or as functional item in several fish, cheese, crustacean or game dishes.

The origin of the Aikiba Leaves is related to the area of Papua New Guinea, The Torres Strait Islands, Tonga, Samoa and Solomon Islands. The plants grow very fast in their natural habitat and are an important source of nutrition for the inhabitants. The leaves are being used in a traditional way as vegetables, contain some valuable nutrients and all parts of the plants can be eaten.

Jelly, Aqueous, Lightly Sweet-Sour

For more information on Aikiba leaves including taste, origin, and availability, visit www.koppertcress.com/en/producten/aikiba-leaves.

You’ll find the product sheet, related recipes, dish suggestions, taste friends and more.

Explore the world of plants and select your perfect match with Koppert Cress’ CRESSSELECTOR tool at www.koppertcress.com.

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