August 29, 2014

Western Pastry Classes in Uzbekistan


The WACS Train the Trainer program, sponsored by Custom Culinary®, recently sent a highly regarded English executive pastry chef to Tashkent Uzbekistan to share his knowledge and passion for European pastries and desserts.  For a wide audience of chef instructors, working chefs, and student chefs Chef Graham Edwards captivated his audiences as he spoke about and demonstrated a wide variety of traditional and modern desserts and pastries.

The visit was co-sponsored by the Chefs of Uzbekistan who hosted Chef Edwards visit in their country.  Among the organizers were: Umarov A, Umarova N and a host of committed volunteer chefs who all helped in making the arrangements for the visit.  Other local support came from the Hotel Dedeman Silk Road and Golden Hill Restaurant where the demonstrations and workshops were held.

The first day of arrival in Tashkent Chef Edwards had to become familiar with his new surroundings; and especially the foods and kitchens he would have to work with during his stay in Uzbekistan.  He would soon learn that some of the workshops would be given at the Hotel Dedeman Silk Road and others, more directed to working pastry chefs, would be given at a popular restaurant the Golden Hill. After meeting his welcoming committee of excited chefs and becoming familiar with his surroundings and the expectations of his visit he laid out an excellent plan that not only taught but encouraged the production of high quality desserts and pastries.

Many European traditional desserts and pastries were demonstrated including Tart au Fruit, Tart au Chocolat, and Tart au Citon.  Chef Edwards then demonstrated puff pastry (pâte feuilletée) techniques and a variety of traditional and modern uses. This was partially demonstration and hands-on as some ofht elocal chef instructors and working chefs also had the chance to paractise these new skills.

Following an exciting work-shop Chef Edwards then presented a demonstration of the famous French holiday sugar art known as the croquembouche.  Small round balls of filled pate choux woven together with carmelized spun sugar piled high into the shape of a pastry chritmas tree.

The next day of workshops concentrated on cold desserts and souflees. The chefs of Uzbekistan were eager to learn all the intricacies of creams, flans, and tarten including cream caramel and creme brouillee. Chef Edwards was happy to comply.

On the final day Chef Edwards worked with the chefs and student chefs on preparing a wide variety of sweet biscuits and sponge cake desserts; all perfectly decorated, fullof flavors, anbd presented with an artist’s brush.

This Train the Trainer event was the second time the Chefs of Uzbekistan invited an expert World Chef to their country. Their hope is to help inspire high quality food production and service during times of great economic expansion in the hospitality industry.

WACS Train the Trainer is sponsored by Custom Culinary®, who supports the mission of training chefs around the world in quality cuisine.  You can find more information about the Train the Trainer program and offer to host a visit or become a training expert under the education section of the WACS (World Chefs) website. 







The format of trainees from the worldwide known chef Mr. Graham John Edwards gave the chance to many practicing pastry chefs improve their skills, as well as have a direct communication with the expert.


Pastry chefs of famous restaurants of Tashkent and simply fans of cooking and please all with the best desserts - participants of master classes had an opportunity to learn subtleties of preparation of classical desserts of Western Europe in new modern giving.


Certificates was awarded to all participants at the end of training.


On the very first day there was acquaintance with group and creativity of Mr. Graham John Edward and 3 desserts such as: “Tart au Fruit” with custard, ‘Tart au Chocolate” and “Tart au Citron” were cooked.


On the second day the Chef showed preparation of traditional French puff pastry from which, pupils and master cooked about eight kind of desserts.


 On third day the Chef taught preparation of  “Croquembouche” a traditional wedding dessert as well as some custard pastry desserts.


During the fourth day the confectioner opened the world of cold desserts to his students, such as a lemon and orange soufflé, a strawberry and vanilla dessert, and also cream-caramel and cream- broulle.


On the very last day participants learned how to cook the most delicate biscuits. Participants baked 2 types of a biscuit sponges, and decorated desserts on the most delicate and luxurious way.





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