October 25, 2017

International Chefs Day Healthy Heroes learning about importance of balanced meals in Edmonton, Canada

October 2017, Edmonton (Canada): International Chefs Day festivities have already begun here with edmontonCHEFS.ca! Local member Chef Jered Evangelos, owner of Catering by Gail, and collaborator Chef Dale joined up with North Glenora Playschool on October 11th to host a Healthy Heroes event.

14 Playschool Students gathered to make Brutus Banana’s Berry Boosting Smoothie! The group was divided up into four teams and made up their very own Healthy Heroes Team Names – the Brave Bananas, the Strawberry Hulks, the Blue Brutes and the Crazy Oranges. Each member of each team got to take a turn putting the various ingredients into the blender. They even got to sample some of the ingredients before they were turned into a smoothie, and talk about the health benefits of each. 

After the smoothies were all blended up, we poured everyone their own cup and we all shared the smoothies together. The kids drank their smoothies up quickly before heading to the gym with Chef Jered for a little post kitchen workout.

Chef Jered explained to the kids the importance of eating healthy and balanced meals, but still allowing for the occasional treat. He also explained to the kids the importance of keeping active and getting outdoors! We did jumping jacks, squats, pushups and even had a race.

All the students left with a gift bag containing a recipe card, their International Chefs Day Participation Certificate, and some stickers. Thank you North Glenora Playschool for allowing us to come celebrate International Chefs Day with you and for being Healthy Heroes!

 Reprinted from Edmonton CHEFS: http://edmontonchefs.ca/international-chefs-day-healthy-heroes/

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