August 28, 2015

Elle & Vire Professionel cream know-how

In Normandy, at the Elle & Vire dairy in France, high-quality UHT creams are made by a team specifically for pastry & cooking chefs. An expertise that goes back over 50 years.

When you arrive in front of the building, the first thing that strikes you is the scent in the air – a heady aroma that instantly reminds you of the welcoming smell of milk being heated in a saucepan. You slip in a gown, shoe covers and a cap. You open the door to the UHT lab. First, you hear the sounds: the quiet drone of the machines, the discreet hum of discussion between the employees. Then you see the lab. The huge vats that reach right up to the ceiling; the long metal pipes that snake along purposefully. The atmosphere here is peaceful and calm; everyone is perfectly in tune with their job – and not least Michel Baudry. This imposingly tall man in his white gown is the process manager of the UHT Cream Processing Facility. He is 56 years old, 32 years of which – over half his life – have been spent working at Elle & Vire. You can see that he feels completely at home here at the heart of Condé-Sur-Vire Dairy. He has spent several decades working for a department whose history boasts numerous innovations, starting with the construction of a facility producing bottled sterilized milk at the time of the development of UHT, in 1972. The Dairy’s very first long-life products were produced here, as was UHT cream, back in 1975. Having grown in step with its innovations, this dairy department is currently staffed by 170 full-time employees. Cream doesn’t wait. Freshly delivered milk even less so.

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