July 31, 2018

Yes we can Feed the Planet

5 Things We Learnt Today About Food Waste!

Here are some staggering truths we learnt from the World Food Programme presentation:

1) In 2018, 3 million children will die from hunger-related causes.
2) The world produces enough food to feed 9 billion people each year, and our currently world population stands at 7.4 billion. Yet so many people go hungry. This is because one third of the food we produce is lost or wasted.
3) Zero Hunger has never been achieved in the history of mankind but is achievable in our lifetime.
4) Chefs can make a difference. We control the kitchens, suppliers, and customers we come through the doors.
5) One of the reasons that contribute to food waste is that social media has planted in us unrealistic benchmarks of what food should be. Join the #recipefordisaster movement by grabbing near-expired ingredients from your fridge, prepare a dish and share it on your social media with #recipefordisaster.
More info on www.wfp.org/recipefordisaster

One Ingredient, Zero Waste

We love the lunch packs prepared by the Electrolux Professional team, who creatively created a wholesome (and tasty!) meal out of..the carrot. In our lunch pack: Carrot Focaccia, Thai Carrot Soup and Chocolate Carrot Muffin. We’ll be happy to have more of these one-ingredient meals, won’t you say.

Living your Talk…

Here are some ways the Feed the Planet panellists reduce food wastage at home.

1) Clean out the fridge and use the ingredients to make salad dressings

2) Keep trimmings and make your own stock and broths

3) Just buy a little, and not in excess.

4) Make jams and compotes from ripe fruits

5) Use your freezer. When bananas start turning brown, chop and freeze them as it makes a good base for smoothies.

6) Collect broccoli stems (if you are not a fan) and make broccoli cream soup!

Global Chefs Challenge Lunch

It was a lunch like no other this afternoon, when the 9 promising Global Chefs Challenge competitors whipped up their best. Hall 4 was transformed into a restaurant in the afternoon, where invited guests were served up competition dishes by competitors from Italy, UAE, Sweden, Finland, Canada, Singapore, Hungary, Scotland and Australia. All we can say is: It’s a tough choice for the judges.

Grand Opening of the Congress Expo! 

We are pleased that Dato’ Mohd Sallehhuddin Bin Hassan, Secretary General, Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry, officiated the opening ceremony of our Congress Expo at Hall 4 today. He was also shown the competition arena of our Global Chefs Challenge…

We Welcomed Some Stunning Speakers!

Richmond Lim from Worldchefs has presented the Culinology - Embrace the Future.

Chris Koetke from Worldchefs has presented the very interesting Feed The Planet theme in partnership with Paul Newnham

Rochelle Schaetzl from Nestlé Professional has presented the Ensuring a Sustainable Future for the Culinary Profession

Frances Simpson Allen from World Food Program has presented Saving Lives, Changing Lives

Rick Chee from the Food Aid Foundation has presented Connecting the World of Waste to the World of Wants

Ruth Osborne and Christopher Ekman from Electrolux Professional have presented #RetasteReimagining the Flavour of Waste

Holly Elmore from Electrolux Professional has presented The Profitability of Waste: theBusiness Case for Waste Reduction

Ingrid Yllmark and Ekaterina Trofimova from Electrolux Professional have presented You Can Make a Difference

Worldchefs Launches Officially the Food Waste Challenge


Chefs assembled in Kuala Lumpur to launch initiatives to cut food waste and reduce greenhouse gases by food going to landfill.

If you have ever thrown out food because it's started to spoil, or left food on your plate uneaten because you were too full or didn't like the taste of it, then you - like many others, myself included - have been guilty of food waste.


Everyday across the world, food is discarded from foodservice operations. Much of this food waste is disposed of in a landfill, which over time produces methane which is very damaging to the atmosphere and contributes mightily to global warming. In addition, wasted food represents wasted energy, water, land, human labor, and other precious resources.


For the restaurant owner, wasted food means an elevated food expense which reduces profit. For multiple reasons, it should be the goal of restaurants around the world to find ways to reduce the food waste in their daily operations.


The Keys to Succeed!


The Worldchefs Food Waste Challenge for Foodservice Operations is a way for restaurateurs, chefs, and cooks to learn about how to reduce food waste in their kitchens and commit to reducing their own food waste.

As a member of Worldchefs, you will not be alone in this endeavor. You will have the support of Worldchefs behind you to teach you how to reduce food waste and help you track your progress.

Experience shows that foodservice operations that reduce food waste and make it one of their KPI’s results in a more efficiently run kitchen where food expenses are reduced.


And which chef doesn’t want to reduce their food waste?


For more information click here and/or if you are a restaurant, please sign up here: https://www.feedtheplanet.worldchefs.org/fwc 

Finally, for those who didn't have the chance to come at the congress & expo, Chef Charles Carroll prepared some podcasts for you to listen: 


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