November 5, 2018

International Chefs Days Association of Culinary Professionals Indonesia

    International CHefs day

      Association of Culinary Professionals Indonesia – October 20th 2018



Association of Culinary Professionals Indonesia with Nestle held International Chefs Day in Almond Zucchini Cooking Studio, Jakarta from 10.00hrs to 17.00hrs


16 kids from Nestle Guided School were participated during this event, they are from :

  • SDN Kebagusan 04

  • SDN Pasar Minggu 04

  • SDN Pejaten Barat 08

  • SDJ Jati Padang 05


 The event start with Nestle conduct a Nutrition Class for kids, “Healthy Food for Growing Ups” and Association of Culinary Professionals Indonesia conduct Food Safety for parents

·       Food Preparation

·       Food Processing

·       Food Nutrition

·       Food Pyramid

·       Food Storage

·       Meat Preparation

·       Cooking Method


 Association of Culinary Professionals Indonesia together with Young Chef Club Indonesia with total 20 chefs and young chefs done the cooking class together with 16 kids from Nestle Guided School.

Each two kids assisted by one Young Chef, they cooked three dishes :

·       Spinach Omelet

·       Mango Pudding

·       Stir fried Beef

Start with utensil and equipment knowledge, they continue with choosing ingredients for cooking those three dishes.

Young chef assisting 2 kids in one kitchen, hands on in preparing, and cooking with kids. All those activity supervised by Chef Dedes from Association of Culinary Professionals.

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