September 27, 2018

Afternoon Tea for the 21st Century; Re-engineering 18th Century Real High Tea

Afternoon Tea for the 21st Century is an evolution of Dilmah's 8 year journey with the ‘Real High Tea Challenge’. Because Afternoon Tea is not just about tea with scones and cucumber sandwiches, there are several dimensions to it. And whilst ultimately the objective is to present great taste, to present goodness in terms of the wellness aspects in tea, but also purpose in terms of doing something that impacts on the lives of someone else. 


The Cultural Dimension

Afternoon Tea for the 21st Century shall be governed by specific cultural attributes, emphasizing local tradition, cultural and historical heritage in order to add that dimension to the guest experience.

The Personal Dimension

A key element that would enhance the experience of afternoon tea for guests is the authenticity and individuality in the teas, paired foods and so on. A personal element could involve a family tradition or a recipe from that has been passed down.

The Culinary Dimension

Excellence in the quality of ingredients, technique and the outcome of all sensory aspects are required.

The Mixology Dimension

Excellence in the selection of spirits and their combination is a must in creating the perfect experience.

The Sustainability Dimension

Ingredients, techniques and all aspects of the preparation and presentation of Afternoon Tea for the 21st Century must be aligned to environmental, economic and social priorities, ensuring that choice of ingredients, culinary techniques do not in any way compromise any of these elements or the interests and aspiration of the guest.


Tea Dimension

The selection and presentation of teas must be made with knowledge of the specific terroir, perfect preparation and service, with clear expression of the terroir of each. Respect for the teas and their specific characteristics in relation to their appearance, aroma, taste and texture needs to be maintained for the service of tea in any form, even when used as an ingredient.


The 7th dimension is the combination of the cultural, personal, culinary, mixology, sustainability and tea dimension which need to be harmonious with the other in order that the tea maintains a harmonious combination with food, or the beverage with which it is served.


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