February 2, 2016

Young Chefs Development Committee welcomes three new Committee Members

The Young Chefs Development Committee it thrilled to announce Three highly motivated and dedicated professional Chefs to join the Senior Committee.

They are:

Sarah Kymbrekos

Mountain View

Sarah is the founder and president of the Vanuatu Chefs and Food Handlers Association and passionate culinarian and advocate for YoungChefs in Vanuatu.

Sarah's experience in he pacific will be invaluable to the YCDT as we hope to expand across the Pacific and in New Zealand where our Continental Director Murray Dick is supporting the region from.

"The YoungChefs Club in Vanuatu is growing and learning everyday to train and network together and make a better industry for Youngchefs across the island, we are very proud of theworkshops and effort the Young Chefs are making here."

Rosalyn Ediger

Rosalyn joins us from Canada and we are thrilled to have her join our team.

We asked Rosalyn a fre questions, Joining the YCDT Committee, what would be your 3 objectives to achieve?

1. Arrange for more young Canadian chefs to go abroad for training, international competitions or employment (in regulated co-operational programs) and let them experience the positive influences for themselves.

2.Develop a mentoring program for young female chefs to gain confidence and to empower themselves to aim for the same positions as their male counterparts.

3.Increase awareness toward the benefits of culinary diplomacy, not only to young chefs but to people who are not in the hospitality industry.

We cannot wait to get started with working with Rosalyn.

Shane Li

Shane Li from the Peoples Republic of China is a Master degree holder and Lecturer at the Shanghai institute of Tourism.

Shane is a well known figure to the YoungChefs of Shanghai and he has many years of experience working with the Youngchefs in China as besides being a hospitality lecturer he is also a WACS Culinary Judge.

Moving forward Shane hold the post of Ambassador Mentor for China will focus on building Youngchefs across China,,,, a big task but he is the man for the job.

On Behalf of our Chairman Andy Cuthbert we welcome all three new committee members and wish them every success in continuing to build YoungChefs across the world.

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