February 28, 2016

Slovakian Students of Gastronomy Schools competed in the Korean Food Preparation

As we care very much about the preparation of future generations of chefs, the Slovak Association of Chefs and Conditioners accepted the offer to collaborate on the organization of the 5th year of the gastronomy aimed high schools competition in the Korean cuisine food preparation.

This contest took place at the end of November and it was organized by his excellence, Mr. Sang-hoon PARK, the ambassador of the Republic of Korea in Slovak Republic. The two-member teams of students from 21 schools competed for the best placement in this challenging competition. The preparation and course of the contest was supervised by a Slovak-Korean evaluation committee, consisting of 3 Korean and 3 Slovak evaluators.

The evaluation committee was chaired by Mr. Hyung – soo Yim, from the Institute of Traditional Food in London. The Slovak association of chefs and conditioners was represented in the committee by its members, Mr. Ivan Vozár and Michal Šiška. They have evaluated the choice of raw materials, processing, food preparation, as well as the professional skills, keeping to the sanitary rules or food decoration. One of the important criteria was the right cutting of vegetables and proper cooking of noodles.

It was an excellent opportunity for competing students to get competitive skills and in the same time it the possibility to get acquainted with the secrets of the, for us exotic gastronomy.

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